At Igloo, we prioritise exceptional customer service to enhance your logistics experience. Our dedicated customer service team is your single point of contact, ensuring that all your needs are met promptly and efficiently.

Real-Time Support: We provide real-time support to address any queries or concerns immediately. Our team is trained to handle various logistics challenges, offering expert assistance whenever you need it.

Proactive Communication: Our proactive communication approach keeps you informed at every step of the delivery process. Automated ETA updates and real-time tracking ensure you always know the status of your shipments, reducing uncertainties and allowing for better planning.

Swift Issue Resolution: Our integrated customer service and operations departments work closely to resolve any issues quickly. With an average response time of just 24 minutes, we ensure minimal disruption to your logistics operations.

Comprehensive Reporting: We provide weekly reports detailing any issues, resolutions, and delivery statistics, allowing you to monitor performance closely and make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

By focusing on these key areas, Igloo's customer service excellence ensures a seamless, reliable, and satisfying logistics experience for all our clients.