Utilising Igloo's refrigerated courier services opens up opportunities for both consolidation (multiple collections to a single delivery point) and distribution (a single collection to numerous delivery destinations). Igloo is adept in the collection and delivery of food and drink samples for a diverse range of events and purposes, including:

  • Merchandising sites
  • Laboratories
  • Tasting events
  • Photo shoots
  • Sampling and promotional campaigns

Our team, seasoned in large-scale chilled and frozen logistics for marketing and events, has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions. Some of our notable achievements include:

  • Distributing blackberry flavoured ice cream to Paris, Milan, and Barcelona for a telecoms device launch.
  • Delivering cool bags filled with yoghurts to the offices of various magazine and newspaper journalists.
  • Transporting sports glucose drinks, pre-chilled, to London train stations for promotional giveaways.
  • Conveying yoghurt to a Slovenian TV studio for an advertisement shoot.
  • Supporting Yakult sampling events throughout summer.
  • Providing cheeseboards for open-air cinemas.
  • Supplying ingredients for award-winning sandwiches at the British Sandwich Association Awards.
  • Catering sandwiches to renowned events like Glastonbury, T in the Park Festival, Cheltenham Festival, and Wimbledon.
  • Facilitating various events at Coventry's Ricoh Stadium.

With Igloo, you're not just choosing a courier service; you're opting for a partner with extensive expertise in enhancing the reach and impact of your chilled and frozen promotional activities.